Flared Gas. Captured.

Capterio provides gas flaring solutions for energy companies to capture flared gas, create value, reduce pollution, and improve reputation.


Capture lost revenue from gas flares with our gas flaring solutions


Lower your emissions and reduce your GHG footprint


Improve your emissions credentials and maintain market access

Gas Flare Solutions

Globally, 150 billion cubic metres of gas – worth $21 billion – is flared every year. The environmental impact amounts to over 1 billion tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. Capterio addresses the issue of gas flaring, and captures the latent economic, environmental and reputational opportunities.

We provide gas flaring solutions through financing, technology and expertise. We help national and international energy companies pinpoint specific opportunities to distil greater value from their existing investments. We take a nimble and innovative approach to create value-generating partnerships. And we select and deploy proven technologies safely and fast.