Experts in Flare Gas Capture

We provide gas flaring solutions to energy companies so they can monetise waste gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our primary focus is on the $21 billion flared gas opportunity. We facilitate access to new revenue streams, while accelerating the shift to more environmentally sustainable energy production.

Capterio brings together deep expertise and an impressive track record in technology, financing and project delivery for the oil & gas industry. We are an independent company, backed by investors who are mission-driven to find commercial solutions accelerating the energy transition.

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Flare gas capture: our case studies

A brief snapshot of some of the successful gas capture projects developed by staff and associates now engaged with Capterio (prior to our incorporation). 

Zero-flare LPG facility from design to delivery

New volumes from successful field development created the need for increased capacity at a rich gas plant in Ukraine. We designed, built and delivered a zero-flare, deep-cut gas facility.

For a capital outlay of $15 million, we increased plant revenues by $38 million, and not only created a new product stream from LPG, but also the largest private LPG producer in Ukraine.

Our innovative approach identified $27 million costs savings through improved design. By leveraging our existing relationships with key suppliers, using local content and coordinated logistics early, our agile team was able to deliver the project safely and six months ahead of schedule.

Flare recovery delivered $7 million additional revenue, and up to 0.5 Mt CO2e reduction in GHG emissions.

Flare abatement and LPG facility
Gas reinjection to extend field life and productivity

Gas reinjection boosts oil production

With no infrastructure or market for gas, a maturing light oil field in Komi, Russia, was producing very high rates of flaring. We developed a project using gas capture and reinjection to enhance oil recovery and reserves.

With an investment of $9 million, we delivered the project within eight months. Working with local communities, and providing technical expertise and training, we ensured the project was delivered safely to international standards. We also supported the creation of new local businesses.

We thereby extended the field life by three years, and added 7 million boe oil reserves, with $35 million value. Flare capture reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 million tonnes CO2e per year.

Innovative partnership extends value of non-core assets

A large IOC operator was facing pressure to reinvigorate mature fields in the Netherlands. But the assets were marginal, with limited available infrastructure, and the original development concept looked uneconomic.

We proposed an innovative commercial partnership, securing $40 million third-party financing, and sharing the returns with the operator. We also put forward a simpler design for two new gas plants with a pipeline to existing facilities.

In just 14 months we were able to design and build the new facilties to EU specifications, and increase production by 32 mmscf/d, generating an additional $66 million of annual revenue.

Waste gas captured to pipeline

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Capterio's Leadership Team

Capterio brings together deep expertise in technology, financing and project delivery for the oil & gas industry

Dr Mark Davis, CEO

Mark has over 20 years' experience in the oil & gas industry. He worked in upstream exploration and business development at Shell International, before joining McKinsey & Company where he led many projects on strategy, operations and organisation. He was then CEO of the downstream oil and gas quality assurance business at Intertek, where he was responsible for global operations and strategy in over 100 countries. Mark has a MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, a PhD from Liverpool, and a MBA from IMD. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.

Brian Hepp, COO

Brian has over 37 years' experience in engineering and operations. He has been involved in all aspects of field operations and engineering and has assisted in new startup and optimisation operations across the globe for companies including TNK-BP, Fortum, Modiin Energy, Petrofac, and Arawak Energy. Brian is a Registered Engineer in Canada, a Chartered Engineer in the UK and Europe and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

John-Henry Charles

John-Henry is responsible for driving the sourcing and evaluation of commercial flare monetisation opportunities. John-Henry previously worked for Equinor and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), focused on strategic and operational topics in oil & gas. He holds a MSci in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford.

Advisors and Associates

Akli Brihi

Akli is a senior business leader who has worked across the value chain in the energy sector. He has held senior executive roles at Schneider Electric, GE and BP and has deep knowledge in several North African countries including Algeria.

Dr Stuart Lake

Stuart has over 34 years of experience in energy from working in over 20 countries. He spent 19 years with Shell before taking leadership roles at Apache and Hess. He later became CEO of African Petroleum Corporation Ltd and CEO of AGM Petroleum.

Jeremy Oppenheim

Jeremy is a well-known leaderin the sustainability space, and leads SYSTEMIQ, a group working in 2016 to deliver the Paris Agreement and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Irena Spazzapan

Irena focuses on investing activities with the aim of accelerating the decarbonisation of energy with a cost-competitive market-based approach. Prior to SYSTEMIQ, she was at Goldman Sachs and the United Nations.