Track every gas flare

Ending gas flaring is vital to address climate change. 

FlareIntel tracks every gas flare globally via satellite. Developed by Capterio, FlareIntel is a free and open-access digital tool that allows anyone to explore gas flares around the world.

We are grateful to the Earth Observation Group at Colorado School of Mines for their development of the Nightfire algorithm which underpins this work.

FlareIntel brings transparency to gas flaring

Capterio uses independent, credible and verified third-party satellite data to track gas flares worldwide.

FlareIntel estimates gas flaring from the thermal anomalies associated with gas combustion. The tool allows users to track and compare individual flares, across facilities, companies, and countries.

With FlareIntel, you can access data related to the volume of every gas flare, its associated revenue potential if captured, and its CO2-equivalent emissions. It is also aggregated for country level analysis.

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