4th October: The weekly round-up of all things flaring

4th October: The weekly round-up of all things flaring

Here’s a round-up of the most significant news in the last week: Capterio We published our paper “How the EU’s CBAM will impact energy imports from countries that flare gas” which examines the embedded emissions in oil and gas.  There’s also a shorter “op-ed” piece here. Key insights are (a) the EU’s “embedded emissions” from […]

We’re hiring: Head of Geoanalytics, Capterio/FlareIntel

We’re hiring: Head of Geoanalytics, Capterio/FlareIntel

Only one thing matters at Capterio: impact.  To accelerate this, we have developed a tool – FlareIntel – a global flaring analytics platform that provides radical transparency on gas flaring around the world. We track who flares, how much and where.  We have developed a free-to-use version for the public good, plus we also have […]

Gas flaring news round up: 3 September

Some significant flaring news this week. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas. You can reach our team on [email protected] Capterio’s flare-tracking tool Flareintel is mentioned in the “Redefing Energy” podcast with Georges Tijbosch from MiQ. As chair Laurent Seglan said, “[there is increasingly] sophisticated satellite tracking of every field: if […]

Gas flaring round-up: 27th August

FlareIntel was used in an article investigating flaring in Germany in Tagesspiegel. Our take on German flaring: From the satellite data, it appears most operators have relatively low gas flaring. There are no continuous or routine flares (that are above our detection limit).  Instead, the flares in Germany have flaring profiles likely associated with upset […]

Gas flaring news roundup: 18 August

On 16th August, Nigeria’s President signed into law the long-awaited Petroleum Industry Bill. The law has a clause that directs penalties received from flaring fines towards midstream gas infrastructure in community (see article from 15/7/2021). If Nigeria were to collect the flaring penalties as per the stated law, it could capture fines of up to $510 […]

Global gas flaring round-up: 22 July

Here’s a round-up of some of the news on gas flaring this week: Capterio published a paper “gas flaring in the global LNG supply chain” which has been widely read and also reported on by Energy Flux “the glaring problem with ‘carbon neutral’ LNG” and Boiling Cold “Ichthys flaring cast doubt on carbon-neutral LNG cargo“. […]

Flaring news roundup: 16th July

We highlight here a few of the most interesting flaring-related developments this week: The EU launches its climate plan and brings carbon border price closer. Whilst not yet on fossil fuels, the direction is clear, with current ETS being extended to aviation and shipping and a new ETS for buildings and road transport. Plus there […]